A press conference for the upcoming long expected fashion event was held on November 28, 2016 in Hotel Capannelle in Rome. The first edition of the fashion event called Super Final Festival Europeo 1st edition – Photography, Fashion Designers and Photo Models, took place on December 3, 2016 at Theatre 1 Cineccitta in the Film and Art Studios in Rome that turned the scene into a big fashion event called Festival Europeo. The organizer, author and artistic director of the event Alexandra Titova wanted to combine four amazing art forms and above all she wanted to combine fashion and photography. Whole article you can read here: http://www.streetfashion-magzzine.com/fashion-zz/super-final-festival-europeo

The fashion event was the culmination of a connection between art of fashion, design, photography and modelling. It consisted of four parts – best fashion designer, best photographer, best photo model and cover girl. There were plenty of interesting and familiar faces, young fashion and creative talents, upcoming artists, experienced presenters, experienced talents in fashion and photography, and fashion experts and fashion bloggers. General public was also welcome, not only from the world of fashion and modelling, but also every fashion soul, fashion blogger and stylist. Professional make-up artists from Make Up-Agency Trucco Professionale Daniela Argiolas/Rome, professional team of fashion stylists and hair stylists and people fascinated by fashion and fashion trends participated on this event. Invited guests were the X Factor 2012 participant, Italian singer Mahmood, break dancer Jacopo Peone and Claudia Filipponi – finalist of Miss Italy 2014.

The whole evening was accompanied by brilliant fashion presenters – fantastic Jane Alexander and personable Fabrizio Imas, who is also a famous actor. The jury led by its chairman Maurizio Valdarnini -director and supervisor of the Institute of Photography and Communication in Rome was in charge of the greatest challenge of the event.

The jury members were: Riccardo Gubian – President of the Rome Fashion Week, Luca di Fonso – model and fashion blogger, who works in London, Max Moor – International photographer and artistic director of the fashion designers section, Pier Giorgio Antonelli – artistic director of photographers section and Eric Bucci – model and artistic director of the photo models section.

Candidates and final participants of the Festival Europeo had to undergo several castings, which took place in various places at various times throughout Italy. The final selection procedure took place in September 2016. A series of photography and collaboration happened prior to the preparation of the festival. There were participants from all around the world including models, fashion models and actors with an international presence and origin. I was selected and invited to represent Slovakia as a model with a long-term Italian presence, international model, fashion blogger and owner of the fashion brand e-shop Mya Fashion with a long Italian and French tradition. The main event was preceded by a series of international photo shoots with Italian photographer Max Moor and Pier Giorgio Antonelli, which I completed several months before the actual event. Based on years of experience I am able to compare and I am pleased to say that this cooperation was enjoyable and the entire team from organizers to stylists and make-up artists was a charming bunch of charismatic and experienced professionals. The event had its award ceremonies and will look forward to the next part, which will be preceded by the forthcoming tour in Italy starting in early January 2017 with selected participants and the whole team of organizers.


more photos from the Festival Europeo, Rome